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 First : Server Rules

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PostSubject: First : Server Rules   First : Server Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2007 11:49 am


No Cheating or Hacking

Cheats, hacks and scripts such as; aimbots, wallhacks, multihacks, namehacks, guidspoofers, anti-recoil scripts, etc. are NOT allowed at our server, using them will result in a permanent ban!

Reporting cheaters:

When you spot a cheater, send a private message (pm) to one of our CT admins in console to report him. Example: /m >CT< Hello Admins, I think insert player name is cheating, could you spec him?


No Spawnkilling (SK) or Spawncamping (SC)

Killing the enemy in their own spawn (the place(s) on the map where the players start) is NOT allowed and is considered as Spawnkilling (SK), this includes; walking into enemy spawn, shooting from a distance into enemy spawn. This rule applies on ALL weapons!

Spawnkilling is a serious offence and will most likely result in a warn possibly followed by a kick, temporary ban or permanent ban (depending on the situation).

Deliberately hanging around (also known as; Camping) Enemy spawn and/or your own spawn is NOT allowed and is considered as Spawncamping (SC). SC will result in a warn possibly followed by a !slap, !burn or !gib (depending on the situation and map).


No Tag Stealing & Donít ask for Admin Levels

Wearing the >CT< without a >CT< member status is forbidden in any way! You will be warned if you wear the tag without authorization, the 2nd warn however will be a ban.
Asking for Admin Levels is not allowed in any way and will result in a warning. If you continue asking for admin levels you will be demoted (losing a level) and kicked from our server.


No Trick Jumping

Dont doing trick jump with adrenalin on another side of map.
->One trick jump: !lol
->Two trick jumps: !gib
->Three trick jumps: !kick
->Four trick jumps: !ban


Server Language: English, Germany, Dutch & Slovenien

You can speak JUST ENGLISH ON SERVER-> Speaking other language: !mute for 3-4 min.
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First : Server Rules
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